Today, $trillions of consumer spending is influenced by a very small number of people and $biltions are now spent in online advertising, t5m.com is ne,.. kind of global entertainment and online community business that gives talent and brands a highly efficient new marketing platform and gives consumers behind the scenes access to interviews and events featuring the world’s most celebrated and accomplished people. t5m already features actors such as James IvIcAvoy and Kate Bosworth, athletes including 8 times world surf champion Kelly Slater, authors such as William Boyd and Richard Dawkins and musicians including Amy Winehouse, James Blunt and Paul McCartney.

t5rn’s goal is lobe a top 5 video site with 20m users. t5rn’s business will develop in 3 stages. First, focus on establishing a cash-flow positive content sponsorship, promotion. syndication. and marketing business. Second. build a content-led community site at t5m.com which drives viral behaviour and growth by leveraging the content. syndication partners and tools to attract users. Third. use the recommendations in our content to create a trusted guide to the web