An entrepreneurial spirit focuses our interest on lifestyle companies that offer a creative, one-of-a-kind brand experiences. To secure a profitable investment, we commit to mid-sized, international organizations in leisure & hospitality and real estate that have strong growth potential and an original, and internationally-scalable brand proposition.

We initiate investments in solid, well-managed companies with an annual turnover of €25 million to €250 million – including spin-offs and buy-outs not related to the core business. Our investment criteria include a seat on the board to ensure influence over strategic decisions and to safeguard sustainable profit and cash flow. Existing management teams must be capable, experienced, and motivated. An exit strategy is discussed after a typical investment period of five to seven years.

As an independent private equity firm, we adopt a longer-term investment horizon. Without external pressure to terminate investments early, we are free to asses market conditions and plan our exit at a time that will maximize profit.

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